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Wide Rhinestone Deity Bangle with Flower Design -M/L

Clear Diamond
Teal BLue
Amethyst Purple
Multi Color

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Made in Vrindavan - Sparkling, Triple Look,  Rhinestone Deity Bangle/Armlet/Ankle Bells Set (one pair). Good quality Rhinestones and gold color metal. softly rounded end. 
Size M/L. We are saying M/L- as it is a kind of large bangle for Deities about 8 to 11 inches. 

Choose Color-
Clear Diamond, Teal Blue, Ruby Red/Orange, Amethyst Purple, Orange Multi Color.

Note: This bangle is Concave (curved underneath).  It could also possibly be used for a crown for small Deities. 

This price for one set (two bangles)