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Vrindavan Peacocks - Ceramic - Choose From Three Sizes


Handcrafted in Vrindavan. Sweet Vrindavan Peacocks.  

Small-  Stands 1/4" inches tall by 3 11/4" inches long (end of tail to end of beak).

Medium- Stands 2 3/4" inches tall by 3 3/4" inches Long (Tall to beak)

Long- Stands  3 1/2" tall by over 5 1/4 Inches Long. (tail to beak).

Painting may vary with imperfection, as they are hand-painted.  Peacock-colored necks and tails with reddish-colored wings and gold and white accents.

Vrindavan has many peacocks who love to dance for the transcendental pleasure of  Sri Sri Radha and Krishna and Their Devotees. 

Note- comes with one peacock. Select the size and as many as you would like.