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Vrindavan Peacocks - Ceramic - Choose From Three Sizes

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Handcrafted in Vrindavan. Sweet Vrindavan Peacocks.

Small-  Stands 1/4" inches tall by 3 11/4" inches long (end of tail to end of beak).

Medium- Stands 2 3/4" inches tall by 3 3/4" inches Long (Tall to beak)

Long- Stands  3 1/2" tall by over 5 1/4 Inches Long. (tail to beak).

Painting may vary with imperfection, as they are hand painted.  Peacock colored necks and tails with reddish colored wings and gold and white accents.

Vrindavan has many peacocks who love to dance for the transcendental pleasure of  Sri Sri Radha and Krishna and Their Devotees. 

Note- comes with one peacock. Select the size and as many as you would like.