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Vrindavan Forest - Mahogany Cottage Armoire -

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Red Mahogany or Cherry wood color, with  leaf design. Very good quality and design. has a "V" shape in the back to sit nicely in a corner if you like.
6 1/2 inches tall

3 1/2" Inches wide (Widest part top)
1 1/8" Inches  Deep (Center shelves)

 In Vrindavan there are many cottages and kunjas were different items are stored for Sri Sri Radha Krishnas pleasure pastimes. This  Corner storage closet or cabinet, could be used for any of their items. Mostly for meditation (a kind of Manaseva) Service in the mind. Making a kind of miniature diorama or miniature set up for the pleasure of Their Lordships and ones meditation. (t has soft plexiglass windows. You may also consider to use in a room for Srila Prabhupada (Bed room or study) With book photos, in the window. (Photoshop book photos and put inside.) (Miniature Krishna land Ki Jaya!

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