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Vrindavan Flower - Blue- Pink or Marigold - Head Gear/ Dangle Bangle

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Hand-made in Vrindavan by Brajabasi's. Price varies according to size.-One for this price.  Soft flowers with Faux Pearls and flexible thick wire. Very sweet. Originally Intended to be flower head gear (Flower Headdress) for Srimati Radharani or Lady Subadra) Though they can also be used as Dangle Bangles for all Deites Including Lord Jagannath and Baladeva. Simply bend them in the shape you like. They can be anklets, armlets or even blets.
They are situated on a bendable wire so they open and close as you like. They can be used as ankle bells bangles, armlets, turbans, headbands, and belts. 
Choose color then size.   
See the measurement photo for sizing.    

Note: The Measurement photo may not be the actual color of the listing. The color is in the name and color you choose.

Choose Color-  Then Choose Sizes. Price varies according to size. Price for one Garland)

Then Choose Size-The length of the entire garland is the size listed, plus then the tassels add extra length

Tiny 2"
Small 3"
Medium 4"
Large 5" 
Extra Large 6"