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Spanish ForK Utah Yatra Llama

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To increase your children's pastime play in devotion, or yours. These animals may have many purposes. You may like to make a kind of display or a miniature diorama, (a model representing a scene with figures), to increase your Krishna or Rama lila meditation. Or Utah, Spanish Fork Temple Mediation too. 
And if you ever get a chance do visit Spanish Fork Utah ISKCON Temple in USA and see there amazing temple with Lamas there . :)
The llama is a domesticated member of the Camelidae family that can be found in Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Ecuador, as well as in Europe, Australia and North America. However, their natural habitat is the Andean highlands. And Spanish Fork Utah Temple too.

Scientific Name: Lama glama
Characteristics: Although llamas do not have humps, they share the same long neck and round muzzle characteristic of camels. Learn more awesome facts about llamas with our true-to-life and scientifically accurate figurine!
Size and Color: Llamas have shaggy coats that can be a multitude of colors, including white, black, brown, bronze, reddish-brown, and gray. Standing 4 inches tall and 4.25 inches long.
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