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Turban Fans -Embroidery Silk- 4 Inch - Set of 2

Coral Red
Muted Blue Green

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Hand-made in Vrindavan. Silk with  beautiful embroidery fabric and plane silk back fabric.  Deity Turban Fans. Temple quality. No Bukram on this set. They are pretty firm though. We are keeping the prices low though they should be much more.
Note: Not for small Deities.
(Plain silk reverse side.). Very good quality, firm fans. Put a pin to secure them use ticky-tack if you use them for effulgences behind crowns. 
Choose color by  the alphabet letter listed on the fan in the photo.-
A- Red  with Gold Jari this one is 4 3/4" tall (though it seems the same due to photo editing) see measurement photo.
B Dark blue and Gold
C Light green
D Teal Blue with silver and gold jari (light)

See the measurement photo for sizing.
Approx.  4" inch tall by 6" inch wide

This Price is for set of 2 Fans. 

Price varies according to the size.
Note: The color may not be the color you are getting in the measurement photo.