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Tiny Krishna Dots - Emeralds and Rubies - Rhinestone Deity Necklace


From Vrindavan - Beautiful, Good Quality Tiny Rhinestones Deity Necklace. With Gold color metal (Back). Faux Diamonds with faux emeralds and rubies. Tiny necklace for tiny Deities. (from 4" to 7" inch Deities).

Choose color- 
Emerald Ruby

(This necklace can also can work as a crown for Srimatji Radharani. Simply turn it upside down and put tickey takc on the center and the ends and put it on her Chandrika area on top and secure ends on the sides. (Perfect for 8 or 9 inch Radharani as a crown. 

Note: This Price for One Necklace. Choose Color and quantity you want.

 See measurement photo to make sure you get the size you need.) The string is interchangeable. You can put any color string you like. Some devotees like to use a metallic string.