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Tiny Jeweled Altar Animal Set - Sapphire Blue

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From Vrindavan -  Very sweet, Sapphire Blue Color. Tiny Jeweled Altar Animal Set.  With rhinestones and painted with lacquer, which is a very common use for jewelry and items in India. These darling animals can be used as toys for your Laddu Gopal or any of your Deities or as Their parrot or cow friend. Or as decorations on the altar. (one on each side of the altar or Deities).  Collect all or give as gifts. 
Note: These gold metal animals have a seem along the middle. They are soldered together like that. (Except the peacock does not have that) They also will need some tickey-tack to keep them standing nicely. We will supply you with that. 

Choose Set of two -
Full Set - (2 peacocks, 2 parrots, 2 cows, 2 elephants, 2 Horses) (Best price)

Peacocks - 1 1/2" inch Tall by 1 1/2" inch Long
Parrots- 3/4" Inch Tall by 1 1/2" inch Long
Cows- 1" Tall By 1 1/4" inch Long by 1/4" inch Wide
Elephant-3/4" Tall by 1 1/8" inch Long
Horse-1 1/4" inch Tall By 1 1/4" Long 1/8"inch Wide