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Tiny Cutie - Pendants/Charm Sets

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Tiny Cutie Pendants/ Charms. This price for one Set ... choose Set and quantity. Lacquer Jewelry. Lacquer Jewelry is a very common style in India. 
Important NOTES: Price Varies according to Set 
This Price For The set you choose 
Good for Small Deities.
Choose Set - See photo 
A- 5 Charms with Cow
B- 5 Charms with Moon
C- 7 Charms with Hearts and Keys
D- 4 Charms with Swan
E- 4 Charms with Butterfly

See Measurement Photo

 Put a string or chain through them as a Deity necklace pendant.  Turban pieces, and other decorative items on your Lordship or Altar.  Glue a jewel on the tiny hole if you wish. Use as Deity Earrings with Tickey Tack. Get two Sets and use for Earrings (add earring Hooks). Put on a bracelet.
Sweet for Devotees too :)