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Taupe Lavender Beige Tweed- Jute Kurtas - S,m,l,xl,xxl,3xl

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Made in Vrindavan-High-Quality Natural Jute Fabric,  Majestic look.. stunning!  Taupe/lavender beige tweed  with flecks of dark rust, dark blue and cream threads. 
Jute is a strong, natural fabric that is easy care and has a lot of texture and feels like cotton. Short Sleeve (1/3 length. 
With front Left pocket and inner pockets(Hidden pockets) on each side.
Same kurta as on the mannequin.

Choose Size -Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL, 3XL 

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NOTE: This kurta is the same exact kurta on the manikin, but it is a different color. ISKCON Style. (Not to long)

Care Instructions
Wash in cool or warm water and hang dry, (May throw in dryer for a moment then hang dry. It also can be put in the dryer, but we recommend for all cotton and natural fibers to hang them dry.  Iron if necessary. Easy care, travels well and does not wrinkle as much as cotton.