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Sri Yantra Silver Pendant

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This Sri Yantra Sterling Silver Pendant is about 1 inch and a teardrop hoop, which is over 1/4th of an inch long, which will fit most chain. Very auspicious. It can be placed on an altar or put in a sacred or place somewhere to create sacred energy to the area. 

NOTE: The current Pendant style is the one in the blue green photos.
One for this price.
Choose your Pendant-
A -Sri Yantra on both sides.
B-Sri Yantra and on the other side is the Sanskrit word "Sri, which means all auspicious and supreme beauty and represents the Supreme Goddess.

NOTE: See other Pendants in the other listings with Sri Yantra on back- (Lord Narasimhadeva Silver Pendant  and Radha Krishna Silver Pendant- (Same shape and size)