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Sparkling Rhinestones Deity Shoes-Ruby And Diamond-Choose Size

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One pair of red  faux ruby and diamond rhinestones Deity shoes.
How to choose size.  Measure your Deities foot with a measuring tape or a string and then measure string with an Inch ruler.. Choose size accordingly. 
Extra Small- 1" inch Long
Small 1 1/4"inch Long
Medium- 1 1/2" inch Long
Large- 1 3/4" inch Long

Note: You may buy them to scale or. you may get the closest size to your Lordships size. Not all sizes are available for Deity Shoes. 
Note: If buying them to scale, Their Foot should not go to the ends. The shoes should be a little bigger than Their Lotus feet.

These shoes can be for any of your Deities.
Krishna can have unlimited pairs of shoes. 
These would make a beautiful gift. Deities. 

This Price for one set, Choose how many sets you want. Price will vary according to size.