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Simha - Lion

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To increase your children's pastime play in devotion. He may be one of the dancing lions in Gaura Lila, or in the Vrindavan Forest Lila or Rama Lila forest play.
Lions remind devotees of Lord Narasimhadeva, The half man Half Lion form of God (Lord Vishnu), Who came to save His dear devotee Sri Prahlad from his demoniac father.

Size: 5.5 inches long and 3 inches tall.

Colloquially known as the king of the jungle, lions are the second largest cat on planet Earth. Endemic to Africa and India, lions are symbolic of sub-Saharan wildlife. Iconic for their enormous manes, they are one of the most popular cultural images worldwide.

Scientific Name: Panthera leo
Characteristics: Beautifully hand painted and immaculately sculpted. lions, this lion has an illustrious dark brown mane juxtaposed with a tawny brown coat.

 Non-toxic and BPA free.