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Sanjeev Hanuman- Silver Pendant - 2 Sizes

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Sterling Silver with red, green and yellow lacquer, Sanjee Hanuman Pendant. Made in Vrindavan. This pendant can be put on most chains, as the loop is large enough to fit through most chain loops. Can also be used on one's altar or hanging in a place to keep sacred. This lovely pendant makes a wonderful gift.
The pendant is one inch long plus the O-ring.
Choose size Small or Medium.

Sanjeevi is the name of the mountain with auspicious and medicinal plants on it Sanjeev. This mountain is said to be very sacred as Lord Hanuman(The Great devotee of Lord Ramachandra and Lord Lakshman brought this mountain from Dronagiri to cure Sri Lakshman who had fainted and wounded in the war. According to Hinduism, Sanjeevi means medicine that cures, auspicious, strong and giant. This is a transcendental Passtime.