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Purple Vrindavan Flower Necklace

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Made In Vrindavan. Sweet  Flower Necklace  - With Faux Pearls and Rhinestones. Also considered as a Garland or necklaces as you wish.  NOTE: The pink flowers are a little brighter than the photo is depicting.
Price varies according to size. (one Garland for this price)
They are soft flexible and comfortable.  
Choose size- Full length of garland end to end.  
6" Inch
8" Inch
10" Inch
This measurement means half that length on each side of your Deities Chest) -
See Measurement photo
The measurement photo may not be the color you are getting. 
The color is according to the listing name.

If you can not make your Deities garlands every day. This is the alternative. Put flower oil on the garland. Or consider this garland as Flower Jewelry. 
Adding Fragrance to the garland-
Simply freshen the garland fragrance by adding a drop of Deity oils on your hand and rub your hands together until the oil almost disappears. Then put the garland in your hand and lightly rub the garland not making the Garland oily but just touching it enough to get the fragrance on it.

Ideas on how to use them. -
These garlands may also be used for bigger Deities as hair garlands. (turn it upside down. for framing Radharanies or Lady Subadra or your other Deities' faces. Or tie it onto Her braid. Consider the size you need and choose accordingly.  Put it on the Lord's turban or as a flower garland decoration on your altar. (Scalop them across, etc.)