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Purple Pink and Yellow - Deity Garland


Made In Vrindavan. Cute Deity Garland - Flower Necklace (one Garland for this price)
They are soft flexible and comfortable.
Colors in the Garland- 
Purple, Pink yellow, and white. Some flowers have sparkles on them which glimmer when doing arati. They have tiny yellow seed beads inside the flowers and a green metallic seed bead between the flowers that do not show much.

If you can not make your Deities garlands every day. This is the alternative. Put flower oil on the garland. Or consider this garland as Flower Jewelry. 

Ideas on how to use them. -
These garlands are so sweet. You can twist the garland to make certain colors show or not show. For example, if you want mostly pink and purple flowers to show you can twist it to make the yellow and white disappear to the back.  Or maybe you do not want the sparkle flowers to show, then put those to the back. You can make the garland a little longer by stretching out the flowers on the string. (But not too much) 
These garlands may also be used for bigger Deities as ankle bells, armlets, or as hair garlands. (turn it upside down. for framing Radharanies or Lady Subadra or your other Deities' faces. Or tie it onto Her braid. Consider the size you need and choose accordingly. You can also cut the tassels off if you do not want them and use them for earrings or other jewelry. You can also tie some together and hang them as altar decorations. 
Adding Fragrance to the garland-
Simply freshen the garland fragrance by adding a drop of Deity oils on your hand and rub your hands together until the oil almost disappears. Then put the garland in your hand and lightly rub the garland not making the Garland oily but just touching it enough to get the fragrance on it.

Choose Your Tassel- Purple Tassel, Tiny Tassel, or No Tassel 
and  Choose your Size- 

Tassel / 4" Inch long 
Tassel / 5" Inch Long
Tassel / 6" Inch Long