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Purple Amethyst and Diamond Rhinestone - Deity Shoes - Large Sizes

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Hand made in Vrindavan- Fancy, Faux Purple Amethyst, Diamond Rhinestone Deity Shoes, Vedic Style. When Krishna wears anything it becomes transcendentally real gems. These shoes sparkle like anything. Gold color metal with rhinestones. They may have many little imperfections in the base of the shoe, which can easily be overlooked as the beauty over-seeds the tiny imperfections. 
Note: These shoes are not for Small Deities.  
Choose size- 
A-2 1/2 Inch  
B- 2 3/4 Inch
C- 3" Inch 
3 1/2" Inch

How to choose size.  Measure your Deities foot with a measuring tape or a string and then measure string with an Inch ruler.. Choose size accordingly. 

Note: Their Foot should not go to the end. It shold go to the wide part of the shoe. The triangle space at the end will be free space.  

These shoes can be for any of your Deities.
Krishna can have unlimited pairs of shoes. 
These would make a beautiful gift for temple Deities.