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Pure Tulsi Japa Beads - Hang 27" to 29" Inches Long

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Pure Tulsi Japa Japa Beads - Sizes may vary from 27"  to 29" inches Long in this group) Small size beads. (they appear a little bigger in the photo. See measurement for actual bead size. 108 Beads plus head Bead.

108 beads, plus Head bead...100% Pure Tulsi Japa Beads, made in Vrindavan. Good for anyone.
The first bead represents The Godh Head Bead. We do not chant on that bead. With Your Right hand, start at the next bead holding between your second finger and thumb. (not touching with the first finger). One mantra per bead and roll the bead between your middle finger and thumb then draw back the bead with your thumb and move to the next bead. One full Mantra (Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare). Then go to the next bead and the next, until you have completed 108 mantras. When you finally reach the last bead (before the head bead), turn the beads around and go back again for the next round of Japa. (We do not chant on the head bead and we do not cross over the head bead). We simply go back the way we came.
Each bead represents each of the head Gopis of Lord Krishna. 
Simply just try to hear, hear, hear the mantra. Keep focus on the sound of the mantra. Keep bringing back the mind to the sound of the Maha Mantra. Praying ... My Dear Lord, Kindly engage me in your Loving devotional service. 

Before we start chanting it is recommended to chant the Pancha Tatwa Mantra first. 
Jaya Sri Krishna Caitanya
Prabhu Nityananda 
Sri Adwaita
Gaura Bhakta-vrinda
Then chant it again at the end of your chanting session.
This manra is Praying to the Pancha Tatwa (Lord Caitanya and associates) to kindly forgive all our offenses while chanting. They remove all offenses in our chanting.  We continue to try for offenseless chanting. Attentive chanting. Hari bol!