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Peridot Green Rhinestone Deity Kartal


Beautiful Rhinestone Deity Kartals. Put in your Gaura Nitai's hands, or on your altar. Use as a necklace pendant for yourself, or hang on a string from your rear view mirror as emblem or reminder of Kirtan. Makes a great gift for those who Love Kirtan.

NOTE: This set has peridot green with clear rhinestones underneath. Size Tiny has sapphire blue and clear on top. Small has purple and clear rhinestones on top and Size Medium has red and clear rhinestones on top.

This price is for one set (Two Kartals).

Choose Size-
Tiny- Just over a 1/2" Inch
Small- About 3/4" Inch
Medium- Almost 1" Inch
Large- Over 1 1/4" Inch