Peacock Party - Orange and Green - Rhinestone Crown

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Very good quality, real orange, green and white diamond color rhinestones, auspicious orange and green colors, resembles a lovely peacock design. Opalescent rainbow crystals at the top of the Chandrika, that change color with movement. With clear silver color, seed bead tassels. (The tassels can be removed if you prefer. 

Note that these rhinestones are clear and some may reflect other colors in the room during photography. These crowns look much more beautiful in real, as they sparkle very much. The crown has velcro strings in the back, so you can adjust the size. 
Select your size.. according to the size of your Deities. (example- 4-5 inch is for Deities that are 4 to 5-inch tall Deities.)  The price varies according to size.. click your Deity size and see the price. 
This comes with one crown.. Select how many crowns you would like.