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Peacock Feather Or Flowers in Yamuna - Deity Beds


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Shipped from United States. More photos coming soon.
Choose Vrindavan Peacock Feather  Deity Bed or Flowers in Yamuna Deity Bed. Painted milky white with lots of jewels. Comes with  soft pure cotton sheets. Comes with sheeted mattress, (and attached pillow) top sheet, double bed cover.  This is a delicate bed, not meant for heavy Deities. This bed can be for any of your Deities, Radha Krishna, Gaura Nitai, Krishna Balaram, Laddu Gopal, Srila Prabhupada, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta.  The deities should have at least one inch space between the head board and foot board if you are placing them there.

You may consider one bed for two Deities or one bed each.  Each bed is sold separately. This price for one bed.
If you would like an extra warm blanket (Cotton Fleece matching) Select- Extra Warm Blanket- Option. 

NOTE: Please do not by any of our beds for mundane dolls .. we do not wast our time making beds for Dolls. ( Unless they are Krishna dolls (Transcendental dolls). These beds are for Krishna  or His pure Devotee. 

Vrindavan Peacock Feather Bed -Blues With Purple Manjari Sheets
Flowers in Yamuna- Blues and Purple colors with Teal Green Marble Look Sheets.

Note:  All other items sold separately  See Deer in the "Devotional Animals" and "Altar Animals" sections. See other furniture listed in this section. 

Bed itself:
7" inches long
5" Inches wide

6 1/4"Inches long
4 3/4" Inches wide

In the temples, generally they offer a bed to the Lord by meditation. Mentally you place Them in the bed and say prayers. This bed can be for any size Deities if you put Their Lordships to rest by meditation. 
For special order bedding- We can make you exclusive bedding for any of our beds.. (sheets, pillows, pillow cases, blankets and comforter or bead spread) Just contact us and give us the details of what you want. 

Care instructions- Very Delicate. Wipe gently with damp cloth. Do not wash.

NOTE:. Contact us if you are interested in more beds, or if you need extra blankets or pillows.