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My Lord Narasimhadeva Protection - Silver Pendant

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From Vrindavan- My Lord Narasimhadeva Protection, Sterling, Silver Pendant. Who Protects His devotees. approx 1 inch Pendant only. Pluss the extra teardrop shape hoop (O-ring).
Lord Narasimhadeva appeared as half man half lion to protect His dear devotee Sri Prahlad from the greatest demon.  God is unlimited and all of His incarnations are written within the Srimad Bhagavatam. (Vedic Shastra or holy scriptures).  Lord Narasimhadeva is God Himself who can take any form He desires and can appear anywhere and to anyone He desires. Take shelter of Him who can protect one from even the greatest fear.
He can also be put on one's altar or hanging in a place to keep sacred.

They make a wonderful gift for any occasion.