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My Gopal Krishna- Hand Painted - Bead Bags- Choose Bag

A-White Krishna-Lt Gray Bag
B-White Krishna-Midnight Blue Bag
C-Black Krishna-Orange Bag
D-Black Krishna-Lt Gray Bag
E-Black Krishna- (Jeweled) Orange Bag
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My Gopal Krishna- Exclusive, hand-painted, By Brajabasi in Vrindavan. Thick Cotton cloth, bead bag.  A beautiful work of art. -These bags have a shimmer glitter paint.
Note: Bead Bag (B-White Krishna Midnight blue bag) has slight discoloration at the bottom of the bag due to putting the clear top coat to seal the paint. It does not really show as it is on the bottom of the bag. (Price reduced.)
NOTE:  Bag-C Black Krishna with Orange bag has no Jewels as depicted. 
But Bag E which is not in the photo is the same as that one, but has 4 jewels on the bag. 
  These good quality bags have a place to tie on your counting beads at the top of the bag. With 2 zippers to keep your keys, Lakshmi (money) or any other small necessities, sacred items or prayers with you.
Keep your Japa beads safe in this decorative bead bag. The large opening is to put your right hand with the beads in and the small opening on the opposite side is for your index finger to go outside of the bag so that one does not touch the instructing finger to the beads. The long string is to put around your neck if you like. When finished chanting, you can hang them from the strap, safely on a hook in a clean place.

Care Instructions-
The painting is waterproof, but only hand wash gently and carefully, No machine wash. Lay flat on a cloth to dry.