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Mirabai Krishna - Deity/Murti - Brass 11.5" Inch

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Solid Pure Brass Mirabai Krishna  (Krishna with Flute) ... His flute can be removed.
Standing tall on a Lovely Lotus Flower. Love Him!

11.5" inches Tall by Base 5" inches Wide. 

5 LBS 2oz

Story of Mirabai-
Mirabai was a great saint and devotee of Sri Krishna. Despite facing criticism and hostility from her own family, she lived an exemplary saintly life and composed many devotional bhajans.
At an early age, Mira’s father arranged for her to be married to Prince Bhoj Raj, who was the eldest son of Rana Sanga of Chittor. They were an influential Hindu family and the marriage significantly elevated Mira’s social position. However, Mira was not enamoured of the luxuries of the palace. She served her husband dutifully, but in the evening she would spend her time in devotion and singing to her beloved Sri Krishna. While singing devotional bhajans, she would frequently lose awareness of the world, entering into states of ecstasy and trance.
Her new family did not approve of her piety and devotion to Krishna. To make things worse, Mira refused to worship their family deity Durga. She said she had already committed herself to Sri Krishna.

Generally Murti's are already formed with clothing crowns, and Deities we worship by dressing them with outfits, crowns and Jewelry Etc. Generally Deities worship is regulated  where a murti may be more informal worship. Though you may also do the same for Murti's if it is possible. 

The Supreme Personality of Godhead, who says in Bhagavad-9.26

“If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, I will accept it.” The Lord accepts the offerings of devotees because of their transcendental love. Because they are in love with the Supreme Lord, they do not eat anything without offering it first to the Lord. The Lord does not hanker for a small leaf or flower; He has enough to eat. Indeed, He is feeding all living entities. Nonetheless, because He is very merciful and is bhakta-vatsala, very favorable to the devotees, He certainly eats whatever they offer Him with love and devotion." Srila Prabhupada Purport.

He is slightly antiqued which means we have left the black in the creases..You can shin Him up with some lemon-juice and tilak.

  See Deity Beds and Accessories section. Or ask us. We can make a bed exclusively for Him.