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Miniature Virtual Sweet Box For Altar - Mana Seva - Diorama Setting

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From Vrindavan - Real clay pots. Altar Decorative sweet box. Not actual food.. Made for mind offering.. Visual offering. (Mana Seva) service in the mind.. also by a visual offering. A Govardhana Puja decoration Diorama setting.  
Super Cute Gift Items. Keep some for your Deities and give some to friends.

They will work on any altar for any size deities. From tiny Deities (5" up to 20 Inch Deities. They will be proper to scale.

butter posts. Approx 1 1/4 inch Tall
Largest dish 2" inches wide 
All items seen in white box for this Price
Smallest Dish 1 1/4" wide (across or diameter)

Gold decorative ift box sold separately in this section.