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Miniature Silver Deity Lotas


Hand made from Vrindavan. Miniature Tiny and Extra Small Silver, Deity Lotas. May also be used as a Deity cup of Deity butter pot. 
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Tiny - .6 inch (a little over a half inch) tall.
Extra Small -  .8 inch (about 3/4 of an inch) tall.

NOTE- They are tiny miniature pots. (Not the size of an ordinary Lota or Kailash) They are miniature and may only hold up to maybe a half an ounce  of water. 

Use this pot for making offerings to your Deity to express your devotion and enhance your meditation. 

Note: The other Fancy Deity pot is to show the comparison of size. 

Please note: The price is for 1 pot and 1 lid.  Select the size and quantity you would like.