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Majestic Golden Ananta - Deity Crown and Necklace Set


Stunning Majestic Golden Ananta  Rhinestone Crown and Necklace Set.  Ananta Shesha who is an expansion of Lord Balarama Ji, in the form of a Celestial Serpent. (Naga). He becomes the umbrella or shade for Krishna by sheltering Him with His Transcendental Hood. Lord Balaram is also all of Lord Krishna's paraphernalia including HIs Crown. This one would be superexcellent for Laddu Gopal or Lord Krishna. Or Krishna Balarama Jis. Size zero has no tassels. 

For Radha Krishna,  the necklace works nicely as a tika crown for her (turn it upside down use tickey-tack to secure in three places. See photo. In the photo the Deities are 6" Inch Krishna floor to top of head. And the crown is size No. ) for 4 to 6-inch Deities. As we like the crowns smaller than the size the vendors say it is for. But every devotee is different how big they like their crowns to look. 

Handmade in Vrindavan. High-quality rhinestones and embroidery. (The rhinestone tassels can be removed if you prefer just cut them off and can be used as other jewelry. The crown has velcro strings in the back, so you can adjust the size.


Select your size.. according to the size of your Radha Krishna or Gaura Nitai Deities. 
Example- NO - 1- 6" to 7" inches is for Deities that are 6" to 7" inches tall.) 
(Measure from floor to top of head). 
NOTE: The measurement will be different for Laddu Gopal. 

Laddu Gopal
For example, the smallest Gopal size 1" inch tall requires size No-0 (Measure Him from floor to top of head)
2" inch tall crawling Laddu Gopal requires size NO-0 or 1" crown
3" inch- size No-1 or 2
4" inch- size No-3
5" Inch- size No-4
6" inch- size No-5 

 Note: If your Deities are very thin or have a extra tall base, you may want to downsize your crown one size.. Many Devotees like a little bit smaller crowns for Gaura Nitai.  Devotees generally order one size smaller for Radha Rani, and sometimes even two sizes smaller. Generally smaller size crowns look better than oversized crowns. 

If you are unsure about the size you need, or any other question, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Note: these rhinestones are clear and some may reflect other colors in the room during photography. These crowns look much more beautiful in real, as they sparkle very much.
This price for one crown and necklace.