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Madhuram Sweetness - Chakra Lotus Bed - 8" Inch

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Shipped from United States. Hand-made, one of a kind bedding.

This strong, well-made, wood Deity bed, is exclusively made for Radhikastore. We painted the bed milky white with some flower stencils on the footboard and added opalescent crystals, as well as a few fuschia and purple crystals. We made the pillows and the nice firm, comfortable mattress, about 3/4" inch thick, 7 1/2" inches long, by 6" inches wide. You can put your under 7" inch tall Deities in this bed. (The bed itself is 8" long, by 7" inches wide.  For those who like high quality, soft cotton fabrics ...  It comes with A double-sided cotton bedspread, White with pinks, and greens Rose flower design.  A double-sided cotton top sheet with trim, a fully covered cotton bottom sheet,  and two cotton pillows with pillowcases (Rosebud design),  and a cotton bolster pillow, with trims. It comes as seen in photos.
NOTE- other items sold separately)

In the temples, generally, they offer a bed to the Lord by meditation. Mentally you place them on the bed and say prayers. This bed can be for any size Deities if you put Their Lordships to rest by meditation. 

This bed is lovely for Gaura Nitai, Radha Krishna,  Laddu Gopal, or your Shaligram or Giriraj Shilas, any of your Vishnu Tattva Deities, Srila Prabhupada or Srila Bhaktisiddhanta. 

For special order bedding- We can make you exclusive bedding for any of our beds..(sheets, pillows, pillowcases, blankets, comforter, bedspread) Just contact us and give us the details of what you want.(Live chat or E-mail) 

Important care instructions- Very Delicate. Wipe gently with damp cloth. Do not wash. (some of the trims are glued on and will come off in the wash. 

More of these beds are coming.. in 3 sizes and other colors and bedding. Call if you have a special request. 

Note- Do not buy these beds for dolls. We do not wast our time making doll beds. These beds are specially made for Krishna and His pure devotees.