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Madhuram - Rhinestone - Deity Necklace And Earring Set

Blue Sapphire
White Diamond
Red Ruby
Green Emerald
White Diamond with Silver Metal
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Rhinestones Crystals (Glass crystals)  Very Sweet Design. This necklace is  16" inches long end-to-end, plus the extra link chain. (Gold color metal). (For Large Deities)  See measurement photo. 
Note The Measurement Photo is not the color you are getting. The color is according to the photo and the color name.

White diamond with Silver metal is not depicted.

Ideas for use- Turn the necklace upside down and use for a crown for Large Srimati Radharani (Either unhinge the rest of the necklace or allow to hang on sides in back. To make it shorter you can unhinge the necklace at any point and use sections for other jewelry 

Note: This price for one necklace