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Lord Krishna's Armrest With Multi Color Rhinestones- 2 1/4 to 3 Inch


From Vrindavan -  Must measure- This sweet arm rest goes under Krishnas Right elbow as we want to give Him comfort for His arm to rest. (Place the U shaped part under his elbow. His arm should rest in the center. NOTE: This size  generally too short for even most small Krishna Deities. But they will work for  small Lord Jagannath and Baladeva. Please check sizes.
If you need to you can cut a small amount off the bottom to make it shorter, or if necessary one can glue on a jewel at the bottom to make it  a bit taller. The armrest can also stand at a slight slant for support.
Though Krishna is the Supreme Lord and does not need support. Out of Love, the devotees want to give Krishna this arm rest. It is a way to show ones Love for Krishna. 

Gold color with good quality, multi color rhinestones all around..

Measure from floor to Krishnas elbow. (The center of the U is where you places His elbow. 
Note Extra tiny is practically the same height but it has more to cut off at the bottom of the cane. The thin part can be cut with a wire cutter. Ir a bead cab be added with glue to make it a bit taller. 
Choose length accordingly- 
Extra Tiny-approx 2 1/4 inches" Tall to the center of the U

Tiny-approx. 2  1/4 inches" tall to the center of the U
Small-   3" inches tall to the center of the U

This price for one arm rest.