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Laddu Gopal Outfit Yellow Green Maroon Leaf Chadar 1" to 4" Inch Sizes

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Handcrafted in the Holy Dham Vrindavan.  Baby yellow, first class, cotton silk, with tones of green and maroon leaves and a chadar look embroidery design. iGood quality rhinestones.

Need matching Crowns or Jewelry? Please visit the Deity Crowns and Necklace Sets and the Deity Jewelry in the Deity Section.

NOTE: When dressing your Laddu Gopal, the opening goes in the front for all the Gopal Skirts. You may have to open the seam on the shirt in the back to make them fit properly.  

Size Chart:

Size 0 fits 1-inch Laddu Gopal
Size 1 fits 1"inch to 2" inch Laddu Gopal
Size 2 fits 2" inch Laddu Gopal
Size 3 fits 3"inch Laddu Gopal
Size 4 fits 4" inch Laddu Gopal
Size 5 fits 5" inch Laddu Gopal
Size 6 fits 6" inch Laddu Gopal

(If your Gopal is over the number. for example. if He is 2 3/4" Inch, Then stay in the 2" inch size range. Or for any number inch.. best not to go bigger or it may be too big. Measure from top of the forehead (Not the top knot) to floor to determine His sizes. (Using inches ruler or tape measure) Get it for the next festival.

Care instruction: Wipe with a damp cloth. Never wash.