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Krishna Prema - Emerald - Multi Strand - Rhinestone Deity Necklace

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From Vrindavan - Beautiful, Good Quality Rhinestones Deity Necklace. Please see pictures for the sizes. Choose your size accordingly. (Please do measurements to make sure you get the size you need.) The string is interchangeable. You can put any color string you like. Some devotees like to use a metallic string.    

Price differs for each size. This price for one. Choose the quantity and size you want.
Choose size-
Measurements- For necklace  

Small - For Small Deities 6 or 7 inches (Not for tiny Deities) Unless you use for a belt.
Medium - 8 to 10 inches
Large -11 to 13 inches.

Note The measurement photos may not be the color depicted that you are ordering. Order the color according to the first photo and name of color in the listing.