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Jambavan Black Bear

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To increase your children's pastime play in devotion. He may be one of the dancing Animals in Gaura Lila, or in the Vrindavan Forest Lila or Rama Lila forest play. In Rama Lila, Jambavan was king of the monkeys though he was a bear.

It may not look it, especially when standing on its hind legs, but the black bear is actually one of the smallest bear species. Endemic to North America, the black bear often wanders into urban areas in search of food and is the most commonly encountered species of bear.

Scientific Name: Ursus Americanus
Characteristics: Although many individuals associate a bear standing on its hind legs as an aggressive or defensive posture, it can also indicate a curious bear that just wants to get a better look at something. Hand painted and expertly sculpted.
Size and Color: With a shadowy black coat and tawny brown nose, this Bear captures the most common coloration of the black bear. This bear measures 1.95 inches wide and 4 inches tall.

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