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Handheld-Brass Incense Doop Burner

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Unique design Solid Brass  handheld  incense doop burner. Used for cone incense or coal as well as smudging. 
6" long by  3" inches tall.
Best quality... high design. 
Weight 1LB1.8oz

Other names.. Diya, Ghee Lamp. Arati Lamp.

How to use: Lift  the lid by the center, put your doop (Cone incense)or charcoal incense.  in the center and light it put the Lid back on and smoke eminates from the brass holes. It has a handle to hold and make your swishing circles to purrify a room or offer in Puja. It can also sit in place for burning the incense. 
The lid has a  hinge. 

Care instructions: These solid brass items. have an antique coating that fills in the lines with black. If you would like to polish that off, simply use lemon juice and dish soap on a cloth or sponge and rub it until it is the level shine you like. If you want to keep the black, just rinse with water and clean it with a cotton cloth.