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Hand Carved Dancing Govardhana Peacocks With Baby Peacock Inside- Choose From Two Sizes

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Cute, Hand Carved Dancing Govardhana Peacocks, With a Baby Peacock Inside. There is no seam. The baby peacock was carved from the outside.
Put on your altar, on a book shelf of mantal or any place you like.
Makes a lovely Gift.

Note- comes withone peacock.Select the size and as many as you would like. 

Choose Size-

Medium- Stands 5" inches tall by 4" wide fan , 2" wide base.
Large- Stands  6" tall by over 4 1/4" Inches wide fan, 2" Wide base 

Vrindavan has many peacocks who love to dance for the transcendental pleasure of  Sri Sri Radha and Krishna and Their Devotees.