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Govardhana Rainbow - White Silk - Jagannath Baladeva Subhadra Deity Outfit

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Hand-made in Vrindavan by ISKCON Devotees. (Comes with Crowns) Choose your Outfit according to Lord Jagannath's Dhoti length. (Neck to Floor Measurement) (You may get it up to one inch longer than the floor)
Best Temple Quality Outfit. Soft White Silk with soft cotton lining. Not stiff.
Lots of beautiful sequins in the shape of a Lotus Flower on Their Lordships Skirts. and sweet Vrindavan flower embroidery design, with best quality crystals.  The Srimad Bhagavatam has many descriptions of rainbows.  The sparkles glimmer as you do arati and the colors are vibrant. Great for Kartik or Govardhana Puja or any festival. We love this outfit. 
This outfit comes with beautiful crowns. Adjust crowns with Velcro in the back. 

Please see in section- (Deity Jewelry, to find accessories.
NOTE: See Matching Outfits for- 
Sri Sri Gaura Nitai
Sri Sri Radha Krishna
And Laddu Gopal

 Select according to skirt length. Do not go more than one inch longer than the floor as the crowns and chadar may not fit. (Measure from neck to floor with an inch ruler.)

Choose your size- Measure from neck to floor. The size is according to Skirt (Dhoti) Length) 
3" Inch Dhotin (Skirt)
4" Inch Dhoti (Skirt)
5" Inch Dhoti (Skirt)
6" Inch Dhoti (Skirt)
7" Inch Dhoti (Skirt)

NOTE: Price changes according to size-


Care Instructions. Do not wash. Wipe with a damp cloth.No need for ironing. If necessary carefully iron the back of the outfit with low heat and a cotton cloth between the iron and cloth.