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Gopi Skirt - Radhika Peacock Chandrika - Bright Pink and light Peack -With Orange Chadar- S or M


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Made in Vrindavan- Beautiful Bright pink with light peach, Cotton, Medium weight fabric, with Block Print, Ladies Gopi Skirt with Turmeric Orange with Gold Block Print chadar. (chini). Made in Vrindavan. (Peacock Feather and Chandrika ) Very Vedic colors and design. 
Side zipper and drawstring on waist.
Choose Size-
Small or Medium
Size Medium is the full skirt photo See variation for size small

Note: The manikin photo is not the actual outfit. but it is the same style skirt.

Size Chart-
Size Small- Skirt- 32" Inch Waist,  38" inch Length and approx.170 inches around the bottom (Twirling capacity :)

Size Medium- Skirt- 3.5" Inch Waist, 41" Inch Waist, and 155 " around the bottom of the skirt (Twirling capacity) 

Size Large- Skirt- 37" Waist, 42" Inch Length, and 164" Inch around the bottom (Twirling capacity. 

Suggested care- Hand wash separate/Machine wash, (gentle, cold) hang dry, iron as needed. (add  1/4 cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle to better set the dies to any of the skirts.or chadars.