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Gold Plated Silver - Tulsi Plant Replica for Altar

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This Miniature, Gold Plated Silver Tulsi Plants Replica are made in Vrindavan. The Leaves and Manjarres painted with Lacquer a common use for Jewelry and miniatures in India. 
Approx.- The pot is 1" inch tall and 1" wide base
The entire pot and plant is approx 2 1/2" Tall 
Note: See height/sizes in photos (using inches ruler). 
Chose Plant -
A-4 leaves
B-4 leaves
C-5 leaves
D-5 leaves 

Made for altar worship. It is written that if one does not have a Tulsi plant they can have a replica of Tulsi on their alter and worship in that way. Also good for travel worship. The leaves, branches and Manjarees (Center flower stem) are bendable to put in the position as you like. (bend slowly with care not to break them).

Note: Priced for one pot. Price 
varies according to each pot.