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Girls Gopi Skirt Outfit - Vrindavan Cowherd Girl-Cotton Screen Print

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Colors-Golden Sand with Muted Pink Flowers (Second photo actual color)
Made In Vrindavan - Comfortable, soft lightweight, Cotton Screen Print fabric. Girls Gopi Skirt and Kurti set.
NOTE: Price Varies according to size.

These sweet Gopi Skirts are sized according to the girl's waist measurement.
How to measure-
(Measure with a tape measure around the waist just at or above the navel)
That is the size number to get. The skirt waist will be 3" to 4" inches bigger so that it can be put over the head or stepped into. For example, if her measurement is 18"-inch waist, get size number 18"-Inch.  The skirt will be a few inches bigger in the waist so she can put it on easily). It has a drawstring and an open slit on the side to make it easy to put on.
The kurti goes on over the head and has a button on the back of the neck and it covers over the top of the waist of the skirt.  The skirt will be about one and up to two inches longer than the waist length number. For example, if it is an 18"-Inch outfit the skirt length will be about 19 or 20 inches long. They will shrink as they are 100 percent cotton. If you do not want them to shrink do not put them in the dryer or hot water. And if you want them to shrink put them in the dryer. 

Size chart: According to her waist measurement-

Care Instructions-
These outfits will shrink. If you do not want them to shrink, wash them in cold water and hang them dry. If you want to get the wrinkles out fast. Just put in the dryer for a couple of minutes then shake them out and hang them dry. If you do not want them to fade. Set the dyes with white vinegar and water (See the internet for instructions on how to set dyes in fabric)