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Gaurangi-Gopi Skirt-Cotton Screen Print-6 Meter Twirling


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Made in Vrindavan Gopi Skirt 100% Cotton, 32 panels, 6 meter, (Good twirling capacity :) (good quality, medium weight fabric)  Beautiful Gaurangi Golden Yellow with dark Blue, Teal Green, and Beige screen print. Lemon Yellow Chuni. (Chadar)
Side zipper and adjustable drawstring on waist.  ISKCON Style.   Comes with a cotton long, 90-inch cotton chadar and  Cotton Same block print fabric Kurti blouse.  (Blouse is size Medium with the Large Skirt and the Blouse is Medium with the Medium Skirt also. Choose Size- M or L

Size Chart-
Size Small- Skirt- 32" Inch Waist,  40" inch Length and approx. 4.5 meters around the bottom (Twirling capacity :)

Size Medium-
Skirt- 35" Inch Waist, 41" Inch Length and approx. .4.5 meters around the bottom (Twirling capacity :)

Size Large- Skirt- 37" Waist, 41" Inch Length, and approx. .4.5 meters around the bottom (Twirling capacity :)

Care Instructions. - Skirt- Hand wash separately/Cold water, Or Machine Wash Cold, Gentle Cycle (Separately) Chuni /Chadar- Wash blouse separately (by itself) and hang dry all items.

If you want to set the dyes- wash in cold with white vinegar (See online how) Do not let them stand in the washing machine or in a bucket or the trims will turn colors.