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Forest Sloth

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One of the animals of the forest collection. To increase your children's pastime play in devotion, or yours. These animals may have many purposes. You may like to make a kind of display or a miniature diorama, (a model representing a scene with figures), to increase your Krishna or Rama lila meditation.

Interestingly enough, the two-toed sloth actually has three toes on its feet! A more accurate name for this creature would be the “two-fingered sloth,” because they have two fingers on their front two limbs, which are more akin to arms with hands rather than legs with feet.

Scientific Name: Choloepus hoffmanni
Characteristics: Docile, friendly, and quite slow, the two-toed sloth can be found hanging upside down from trees in South and Central America. Hand-crafted by professionals and painted with immaculate precision.

Size-. 2.25 inches wide and 2.25 inches tall.
Non-toxic and BPA free.