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Fancy Silver Deity Shoes - 5 Sizes (For Him)

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Hand made in Vrindavan - Silver Deity Shoes. 
Choose your Deities Size Shoes. (It does not have to be the exact size ,as it is more for meditation purposes as an offering that your Lordships have nice silver shoes. 
Extra Small: 3/4" Inch long
Small: 1"
Medium: 1 1/4"
Large: 1 1/2"
Extra Large: 1 3/4"

How to measure your Deities feet. Take a measuring tape or a piece of string and measure from heal to large toe, then measure the string length on a ruler or tape measure. Then select the size (The shoes should be a little bigger than His Lotus Feet.

See photos with inch sizes. (extra small are for extra small Deities and Extra Large are for generally up to 13-inch Deities.

Generally, this style is made for Krishna or Gaura Nitai, Laddu Gopal and Guru Parampara, and the other style we have is for Sri Radha and the Gopis.
Note Price varies according to size. (This price for one pari of Deity Shoes) Yes, they are real silver. The nobs on the shoes are long that is the way they have been making them for 50 years. :)