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Fancy Flower Silver Deity Cups

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These fancy Sterling Silver Deity Cups are made in Vrindavan and have a lovely swirl flower design.   
NOTE 1 1/4" Inch have 2 quantity left. One is one-sixteenth of an inch taller and the shorter one is 1/16" wider They are almost the same but not exact. and comes with a plane plate (not flower plate) 
Note- The first cup in the photo is the tiny 0.6" with heart design cup, is in a separate listing in assorted designs. The last cup is Not the extra Large one. That cup is out of stock. The 1 1/2 inch is not in the photo. But it is the same design as the other cups listed. Not the design of the last cup. 
Note- The one-inch cup has three variations that are too minor to separate. They could be any of the three we put in the photo. Some are wider and some are a fraction of an inch taller. The 1 1/4" cup has two minor variations which are also to minor to separate. We took a photo with all of them in a line to see the simple variations.  

Or the 1 1/8 " inch tall and just over 1 1/8" inch across the top fancy cup. 
The bottom of the cup is one inch across.

It includes a silver lid plate with a flower design, to protect the cleanliness of the contents. Use it for making offerings to your Deity to express your devotion and enhance your meditation. The plate can also be used separately as a small tray for your Deities.  The Extra Large cup is for larger size Deities or Shalagram etc. You may want to select the smaller cups for your small size Deities.

Please note: Above price is just for 1 pot and 1 lid. If you need more than 1, then please order multiple quantities.