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Extra Tiny Silver Tulsi Deity Necklace

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Made in Vrindavan. Extra Tiny Silver link Tulsi Necklace with Sterling Silver End Caps.  
Choose the Length of the Necklace accordingly. (Full length of the entire necklace, in Inches measurement.)- These beads are pure tulsi. )They all come with a clasp. 
Note: The Extra tiny size are the size of tiny seeds. (very very tiny.) They are appearing bigger or magnified in the photo. 

: T
he last measurement photo is not this necklace, but they are the same length depicted.

Size 2 inches is so tiny it may. be for a bangle or anklet for your Deities.. You can also apply with tickey tack if you do not want to open and close the clasp.

Note: These are not intended for children or as bracelets. They are too fragile for that.