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Extra Tiny Decorative Cakes - Choose Cakes - Set of 2

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Tiny Cherry Cupcakes, Set of 2. These cakes are extremely tiny. The photo is appearing much bigger and magnified than the actual size. They are no bigger then the tip of the end of a small pinky finger.

See size images ..Good for the smallest Deities. Not edible.. This price for a set of two cakes. These are personal cakes, or in this case. Supreme Personal cakes. As they are one cake per Supreme Person. (They can eat the whole thing)
Choose color - See in second photo.
Measurement - Both styles the base of cake is Approx. 3/8" inch diameter. (across) See measure stick photo. 

These cupcakes are meant one cupcake per Deity as they are tiny. Lovely Deity gifts or offerings for Holy Appearance days, Festivals, or any day. They look very sweet on the altar or in Sri Mati Radharani's hand. Maybe you wish you could make such a cake but do not have the time or know how. This is one way to muster up a cake and offer it.

Manaseva.. Means  to offer in the mind. A cute decoration and offering for Their Lordships to increase ones meditation. We can simply offer this as a real cake in our mind to Their Lordships. This lovely tiny cake sits on a  paper doily and can sit on any of the tables we offer. It can also be placed in Srimati Radharanis hand using a little Tickey-Tack- (See other listing in Miscellaneous section). Trays sold separately. 

We also offer miniature offering trays, and offering tables as well as sitting places. Please see in  other listings in Menu bar - Go to Worship or Deities and then Click Deity Beds and Accessories. 

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