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Exclusive Design - Black and Natural - Fancy Long End Cap- Tulsi Silver Necklace- Choose Size

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Beautiful Tulsi necklace with fancy Long Silver End Caps, is handcrafted in Vrindavan. Each and every one of these necklaces is a work of art. They will vary slightly in size, color.
Choose Size-  Price varies according to size
24"Inch - 8mm Black bead, Natural approx. 5mm
24.5" Inch - Black bead is approx.  9 to 9.5mm., Natural approx. 5mm
26" Inch -  Black bead is approx.  9 to 9.5mm., Natural approx. 5mm

NOTE 24 and 26 inch Depicted.

If one is a devotee of Lord Krishna or Lord Vishnu, one should wear Tulsi Neck beads. Tulsi neck beads are for protection. At the time of death, if one forgets to chant the holy names for whatever reason. If one is wearing Tulsi Mala around their neck, the Superintendents of Death, (Yamadutas) cannot touch that soul. They see the Tulsi neck beads and run. They know this is Lord Vishnu's devotee. Tulsi Devi will protect the devotee from all past sins.  Tulsi neck beads are a symbol of being a Vaisnava devotee of the Lord. They are pure, beautiful and natural. Make sure your whole family is wearing them. Keep extras on hand in case they break. Never be without them!

Srila Prabhupada said to one devotee-
"When I was Srila Prabhupada's servant in Los Angeles in 1970, my neck beads broke one day and I set them aside to restring later in the day. I went into Srila Prabhupada's room and He immediately said, “Where are your neck beads?

I told Him they had broken and I was going to fix them later in the day. He said very strongly “You must go now and fix them. If you knew how dangerous it is to be in this material world without neck beads on, you would be shaking in your boots!”