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Emerald Cut-Reds and PUrple Color Crystals-Rhinestone Deity Necklace - And Earring Set

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Emerald Cut, Faux, Crystal Rhinestones, Deity Necklace. Please see the photo for the size. Rare Colors to find. With gold color metal. (Colors Red, Bright Orange and Purple.
More Quantity Coming Soon.

Size - Each Emerald cut stone is approx. 1/2" long   See Photo for size.

The Measurement photo is not the actual one you are getting. The color name andf the first photo is the one you are getting. 
Note: This price for one necklace and earring set.

Ideas how to use- 
This could be a necklace anklet turban piece... as you like for large  Deities. 

Not for small Deities.