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Embellishment Wide Ruffles For Deity Outfits

White Heart
Pale Yellow
Light PInk
Light Gray
Dark Blue
Pure White
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These ruffles are  1.5"inchse wide.
This price for 12 inches.
(if you use both sides of the ruffle that gives you 24 inches of trimming).

Embellishment Ruffles
are intended to glue or sew on to your Deity outfits to enhance their beauty or to lengthen a skirt or dhoti. Also if you have a Dupata (chuni or head cover) for Srimati Radian that needs extending, they also work nicely for that. (See photo examples)

Choose color-
Pure White- (Not Depicted)(Same style as the pink ruffle)
White heart lace 3/4Inch wide

Cream (Pale Yellow) 

Light Pink
Light Gray
Dark Blue
Bright Pink is not available now.

You can cut them in half and use both sides as a trim. Apply fabric glue (see Alyeenes Craft Glue)in the miscellaneous section of the Deity Jewelry section. That is what we have used for years for glueing trims and adding jewels and we find  it works the best. Apply the glue just enough to cover but not thick. Use a tooth pick or finger to smooth it along the edge of the trim then apply the trim to the inside edge of the item you are embellishing. If you want to lengthen a skirt. Use the larger trims in the other listings or do not cut this trim. Apply the glue on the ruffle and also on the scalloped edge or flat edge of the skirt or item. (Make sure there is not too much glue.. it should just be enough..but cover the entire edge. Quickly and carefully place the trim so the ruffle is showing on the outside of the outfit. Keep pressing it into place until it drys. It may take a few minutes to get it to fully bond to the fabric...Keep pressing the entire edge across.  Try not to get any on the outfit ... If you do then while it with a damp cloth. 

NOTE: The white outfit below is not yet glued. We simply set the trim under for the example.