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Effulgent Gems - Large Deity Earrings -

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Effulgent Gems-Large Deity Earrings or, Deity Effulgence or they can be used for Lord Jagannath  Baladeva Bangles, as you wish.  If you like you can remove the earring post by cutting it off.  Faur Crystal Rhinestones. You can also remove the ) ring if you would like to separate the earrings to make Effulgences or Jagannath Bangles. They may also be turned upside down for Lord Jagannath bangles and keep the round dangling part. 

See the measurement photo to choose for your needs.
NOTE: The measurement photo may not be the one you are getting. The color is according to the name.

Note: This price for one set of earrings.

For Large Deities