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Crescent Moon Ruby-Diamond- Cubic Zircon- Necklace

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Made in Vrindavan
Please select size and choose quantity. This price is for 1 necklace. Beautiful Cubic Zircon (man-made diamonds and rubies) See matching flute and matching crown in other listings. You could also turn the moon upside down to make a crown for Srimati Radharani. (Same suggested size)
NOTE: The first photo is more accurate photo.
Choose size-
Extra Tiny -2 flowers on each side- 4" to 5"-inch Deity
TIny-3 flowers on each side 5" to 6" inch Deity
Extra Small-4 flowers on each side 6" to 7"-inch Deity
Small- Bigger Moon with 4 flowers on each side-7" to 8"-inch Deiy
Medium- Bigger Moon with 5 Flowers on each side. for 9" to 11" inch Deity

See the measurement photo to see the sizes.